The Catamaran

Leopard 45 (2019)

BUILDER: Robertson & Caine

MODEL: Leopard 45

YEAR: 2019

Number of cabins: 3 (one for the crew)

Number of bathrooms with shower: 3 (one for the crew)

Length: 13.72 meters (45 feet)

Width: 7.3 meters (24.2 feet)

Information About The Catamaran

Our catamaran offers two beautiful double cabins for travelers, plus the crew cabin. Each cabin has its own bathroom with a private shower. 

With its spacious common areas such as the indoor and outdoor lounges, passengers have plenty of room to enjoy the wonderful seas.

Totally independent in electricity with its solar panels and generator, as well as for fresh water with the use of a desalination system.

In addition, the catamaran is equipped with air conditioning for the comfort of all!


Paddle Boards

We have two paddle boards for everyone’s enjoyment.

Underwater Spearfishing

We have “Hawaiian Sling” type spears, the only spears allowed in the Bahamas. Why not try lobster on the menu!


We have everything you need to catch fish. For the amateurs, you can also bring along your own equipment. Nothing better than good fresh fish for dinner!

Fins, Masks and Snorkels

We carry some snorkeling equipment on board, but we suggest that you bring your own as we cannot guarantee the quantity and/or size.

Scuba Diving

We do not have the proper scuba diving equipment, but it is still possible to dive in some of our destinations. (in addition)

Beach Chairs and Hammocks

Beach chairs are available during our multiple stops. We also have hammocks for passengers to enjoy!

The Catamaran in image